Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear dear!!! =(

Headache headache all of a sudden. =((

Headed home straight after work. Reach home at 8pm. Got my maid to cook macoroni again...

My gastric still hurts eh. =(((

Why have you not call yet?? 2days le.... still no calls.... forget me le is it..... =((((

Oh! & I woke up late this morning! I jumped up & realised its 930am le. =.= My iPhone suddenly died on me... alarm didn't ring..... lucky not late.

Tomorrow after work got branch dinner at the fishing pond there. I'l be working half day tomorrow, then will go for facial & back to branch again... HAHA!! Damn bo liao right??

Dear dear... hmmmmmmmmmmm... i miss you luh!!!!! BOO!!!

**35days to go~~

Crazily in LOVE with you*

Dear dear! Me had lunch now at Ya Kun for drink....

Hmmmmm... Still not feeling really well.. :(

Reach Indo le right?? Ur BFF SMS me lo!! Lol!!!

Why didn't call me huh?! Still waiting for ur call.... :)

miss you!

Crazily in LOVE with you*

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dear dear..... I'm on my bed now doing mask! Hehe!!!

Why haven't you call??!! Very busy today ma??!! I guess so... & guess you already reach port le right??

Anyway, I meet Elenanor bout 8pm at Tam. Had Kim Gary for dinner!! It feels good to go out after staying at home for 1.5days!! Haha!!!
Reach home bout 10pm. Most shops close le. Boring~

I'm going back to work tomorrow le. Think work will be easier for me to pass time ba...

I smsed my instructor. Will take back lesson on 1st or 2nd week of March.

Hmmmmm... Guess going to sleep le ba. I'm still waiting for your call though. Hehe!!

Miss you dear dear! Muacks

Crazily in LOVE with you*

Dear dear... its 130pm now. I just wake up not long..... & I am still feeling tired. =X

Slept bout 1+am this morning...

I am still feeling bloated wor... =( Sianz...

Dear dear I'll be meeting Eleanor for dinner later at Tam. She also on MC today. LOL!!! I gotta get out of the house for awhile before I go crazy lo... if not I'll 胡思乱想.... I have already nua for a day le.....

& there's a new PFC coming to my branch, my age. Sharon said she is pretty but looks unpredictable. LOL!!! I shall see it for myself tomorrow. If pretty I intro to you ok! :P

Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Er gu is back in HK le. I also want to go there...... get out of Sg. I should fly to Shanghai & look for you hor. :P

Alright. Shall stop here. Will blog tonight. Miss you. Muacks

Crazily in LOVE with you*

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear dear.... I still feel so bloated & naseous... =(

I sure will fall sick when u you are away.. HAHA!! Why eh?!

Remember just now I said things always happen to me when you are not around, & you asked why?? Let me tell you why. Cz you are my guardian angel, who is always there to protect me from harm & keep me safe. =) With you around, I got no worries... & thats why when you are not around.... nobody protect me le. =(

Dear dear I feel so sad when I talk to you just now. =( Just feel helpless luh. Wish you are by my side. Ended crying again.... =(

Its 12am le. I am going to sleep le dear dear.. tired tired! Not going to work tomorrow too... so call me anything ya.
Miss you dear dear. Muacks.

**37days to go~~

Crazily in LOVE with you*